Sell wood-plastic co-extrusion production line.

Sell wood-plastic co-extrusion production line.


Wood-plastic co-extrusion production line: Using a specially-designed screw, material barrel, mold and production process, after equipped with YF auxiliary materials machine, the wood-plasticity co-extrusion line can produce PE, PP or PVC wood foam profile products. The plate it produces is a new type of environmentally friendly products. Mixing the plastic and wood fiber waste according to a certain ratio, adding plastics additives and foaming agent, after experiencing high-temperature, high-pressure extruding treatment, finally the profile are produced from the line. The profile could be used in the production of trays, box board, windows framework, decorative flooring, outdoor products etc.
The advantages of wood plastic

The main characteristics are raw material reutilization, products plasticization, using enviromentalization, cost economization and recycling regeneration. Now the emphasis of research is on the composite material after extruding, injection molding and pressing molding among the raw materials such as PE, PP, PVC, PS etc.thermoplastic plastics and wood flour, plant hull etc. wood-plastic can reuse waste plastics and wood and agricultural remainder, so that the development and wide usage of wood-plastics can reduce the pollution caused by plastic waste and the burned agricultural waste. Producing and using wood-plastics will not emanate deleterious volatile, besides it can be recycled. It is an ever-new green environmental product and it is also a kind of zoology lustration. In a word, researching on the wood –plastics production line can bring enormous economic and environmental benefit.

Product Origin: qingdao,China
Model Number: SJZ-90
Brand Name: Fushun Plastic Machine

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