Sell PVC.PE perforated pipe production line

Sell PVC.PE perforated pipe production line


 Unit characteristic:
The unit can choose the different main engines by the different materials.
The PVC main engine uses the taper double- screw extruder to ensure the plastic effect, high speed and high pressure.
The PE main engine uses efficient BM mixed polyethylene special-purpose screw to guarantee high speed, high efficiency and precise extruding.
The perforated pipe nose (PVC, PE) which is specially designed by the material characteristic guarantee the high speed extruding stability and the tubing inner and outer wall bright and clean.
The tractor uses the import frequency conversion velocity modulation, up and down drive type to achieve the big force of traction, at the result of satisfying the need of unit high speed production.
Broad adoption scope: it can produce various three orifices to seven porous tubing, such as PVC, PE and PP.
The characteristics of perforated pipes:
1t’s more, it also equipped with corresponding auxiliaries such as tie-in, end cap, tightening belt special glue water and mending part etc,so that it is very convenient to construct and operate. High resistance to compression and age-resisting. Using high-quality and improved PVC engineering plastics for once-extruding, it has the high strength figuration and the grids in the pipe are physical steel structure, which rigidity is 10-100times than the custom plastic pipe. There is no need to make the base or envelop in normal conditions. It can replace the steel pipe to traverse the road safely. Smolder, anticorrosion age-resisting and the service life can reach to50years    
 2 complete specifications and various combinations. Specifications of the products are 3orifices, 4orifices, 5 orifices, 6 orifices and 7orifices etc.which can deposit cables of different calibers. It can also transit and fit together with the former concrete pipes and corrugated pipes freely. Wha
3 Innotive structure and economical pipe position .The outer structure is radian and square. The configuration is trim and convenient. The pipe position that they occupies are small, which is 10%compared with concrete pipe position. The excavation is small so it can efficiently economize underground pipe position in cities; besides it pose little influence on traffic and city planning.

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