Sell Aluminum-plastic composite plate (APCP) production line

Sell Aluminum-plastic composite plate (APCP) production line


Functions and usages:
TheJHE2000 Model Aluminum-Plastic Composite Production Line produced by our company is a special production line for making new metal-plastic composites (APCP). After the thermal compounding process by Polymer adhesive film, APCP is generated by the coating-aluminum and polyethylene (PE) core material. APCP is not only characteristic of light, sound and thermal insulation, fire preventing, weather-resisting, high intensity, rich and stable colors, easy to install, but also is beautiful, luxurious. That means APCP is of both practicability and decorative.
Performance characteristics:
Depending on the experience in designing and producing APCP production lines for many years, absorbing the latest technologies of similar products at home and abroad extensively, TheJHE2000 Model Aluminum-Plastic composite production line is developed successfully by our company. It is the sixth-generation vacuum exhaust line. And its performances has achieved, some even surpassed the level of similar imported products. The production line has the characteristics of forming-once, easy to operate and stable performance.
A?Vacuum Exhaust plastic extruder is equipped in the mainframe, which ensures that the gas generated by the heated materials can be discharged, so the bubble can be overcome. The quality of Chip is thus improved for the treatment. Both screw and barrel use 38GRMOALA steel of high quality, and both of them experience sophisticated design and nitriding process.
B?T-type Plates special steel mold is produced by high-quality steel mold, Chromium Plating cavity surface smooth as a mirror ,with its product thickness and width using manual adjustment bolts; the hydraulic network with hydraulic device is kept for machine network. Special flow design and temperature control device can guarantee fixed temperature, fixed speed, discharging stability.
C?Three roller-ray machine uses import quality seamless steel pipe with its roller Specifications 405*1600MM, wall thickness 32MM, quenched roller surface to ensure substrate hardness HR55°. After chrome plating, the surface roughness is Ra≤0.025pm. The three-Roll rack is vertical, using imported Gearbox transmission and converter to control three –Roll rack and traction.
D?Equipped with the unique hot composite units, the auxiliary can directly compound aluminum sheet with 0.026---0.5MM thickness. As a revolution over shearing machine used in the past year, the perfect slitting machine may save a lot of manpower and reduce products cost directly. On the line there is intricate leveling machine, depending on which the composite plate can be produced without any leveling

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